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Fall Report

After a seven month stint of high flows the Twin Lakes are finally back to below power pool which translates to generally lower releases as the fall season begins. Expect to see the occasional heavy spikes of releases based upon electrical demand in the early am hours and evenings for the time being. The key is maximize the time spent on the river with strategy that may include fishing a lower section in the mornings and potentially moving to another area in the afternoon. Dissecting the projected generation forecast is certainly not an exact science as opposed to relying on factors such as the moon and the tide as the guides on the Gulf depend on. Should you make plans to visit our tailwaters this season, don't hesitate to call us at the shop for an up to date report for river levels, fishing reports, and general advice for making your day on the river a great one!​​ 870.471.9111


March 8th River/Fishing Report

Hey Y'all .... This is my first try at a River/Fishing Report so be patient. The last week's weather has been pretty wild. Last week we had more rain, a good thing but then we had 40 - 45 mph winds on Monday and Tuesday, tough on Boater's. Add to that the lakes are mostly above Power Pool. SWPA has been taking advantage of that by generating 24/7.  Bull Shoals has been releasing at rates of 20,000 to 23,000 cfs constant. While this does mean that almost all fishing needs to be from a boat it also means that someone needs to be operating the boat at all times. With the big flows, trouble happens quick. If your on the water watch you surroundings constantly and Please BE SAFE! Expect the flows to stay high until the Corps gets the water levels in the system at or below Power Pool.

If you want to check the flow forecast, wait till afternoon after 4:00 pm. Go to ... look for BSD (column 13)

Last week we got a photo of a very Happy Kevin Thomason. Kevin is holding a 27" Slab of Arkansas Butter (aka: Brown Trout). The deal is he caught this Slab on a 2" Olive Wooly Bugger with a little Flash in the Tail. Betting that was a fight he'll be talking about till next year! He comes down with 5 friends from Michigan every year, and needless to say he won the "Big Fish Award" for this year. Thanks to Barney Naylor for the photo and the story!

With the winds and the rains it was Wednesday before I felt good about going out. Luckily I have a couple "Very Fishy Dudes" that are friends. When they said let's go .... game on! Met them at the ramp at 7:00 am, 33 degrees, heavy overcast, light winds, boat in the water for some "Chuckin and Duckin". Yeah, I am a Streamer Junkie. Most folks try to understand, most just shake their head and say "Bless his heart". Anyway we had one of those Epic Days you hear stories over and over about. Several fish that were not that notable, but then there was 23", 24", 26" and 27" Slabs of Arkansas Butter put in the boat. That don't count the 19" Cutthroat that regurgitated a 8" Rainbow in the fight to the boat. Gonna be talking about this one for a while ....

Git out and make some memories, just Be Safe ...... And notice the Lucky Hats in these photos .... yep, we got em in the shop .... come on by for yours then send us a photo with your catch!!!